417 buildings - Istanbul

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32 new buildings
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26 new buildings
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26 new buildings
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24 new buildings
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22 new buildings
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19 new buildings
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19 new buildings
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19 new buildings
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16 new buildings
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16 new buildings
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15 new buildings
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12 new buildings
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12 new buildings
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12 new buildings
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12 new buildings
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11 new buildings
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10 new buildings
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4 new buildings
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3 new buildings
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Nidapark Cengelkoy
İstanbul, Uskudar
Consisting of premium quality apartments, which meet all your needs, Nidapark Çengelköy was designed to offer its residents a spacious life, along with comfort and luxury. The carefully devised architectural details, in each of the 207 apartments across the project consisting of 12 blocks, offer convenient amenities. The blocks, designed with a horizontal architecture approach, are in the form of a garden floor + 4 floors and can respond to a variety of needs with apartment options ranging all the way from 2 bedrooms to 5,5 bedrooms duplex.
Tahincioglu Gayrimenkul
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Sehrizar Konaklari
İstanbul, Uskudar
Situated in an area of approximately 50000 m² in Üsküdar, one of the most significant locations of Istanbul, Şehrizar Konakları embraces two continents. The project is made up of 38 blocks and 209 luxury apartments, each of which has an area of 180 to 626 m². Life has begun in the project, which was completed in 2014.
Gap insaat
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İstanbul, Buyukcekmece
Batımahal is a luxurious villa project in the most beautiful residential area of Istanbul, Buyukcekmece facing the lake valley with clean and fresh air away from the city and noise pollution.
Yalcinlar Group
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Blue Lake Kucukcekmece
İstanbul, Kucukcekmece
Blue Lake is located at the waterfront where the Shore of Marmara Sea meets Küçükçekmece Lake, one of the world’s few lagoon lakes. This outstanding location is unique in İstanbul that dazzles us with its glorious history and natural beauties. Surrounded by parks, walking trails, sports fields, and bike paths Blue Lake and its surroundings are intertwined with green and blue and transformed into a modern living area. With its close proximity to İstanbul’s Mega Projects such as Kanal İstanbul and the new airport, Blue Lake is one of İstanbul’s most rapidly rising development projects.
Metal Yapı Konut
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Avrupa Konutlari Basaksehir
İstanbul, Basaksehir
Başakşehir, with its proximity to Istanbul Airport, Health City, City Park, city square, metro, is becoming the new attraction area of Istanbul. In this brand new living space with its upper and lower structure, European Residences Başakşehir took its place with its wide landscape, sports fields and social facilities where blue and green are integrated
Artas Grubu
from $168K
Cennet Koru
İstanbul, Kucukcekmece
Cennet Koru, which overlooks Kanal Istanbul and High Forest view, has 408 dwellings and many stores. Designed by considering extended families and children with the assurance of Keleşoğlu Holding, Cennet Koru becomes prominent with 70% of the project area being green area and flat assortments.
Kelesoglu Holding
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DKY Kartal
İstanbul, Kartal
At DKY Kartal, you’ll find everything you expect from a home, and more. A breathtaking view, comfortable homes, high ceilings, vast green parks, brand-new sports facilities, an attractive location, convenient access and a valuable investment…
DKY insaat
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Eston Sehir Koru
İstanbul, Basaksehir
Everything you need for a healthy life in Eston Şehir Koru is at your feet... You will be able to eat fresh and organic fruits by plucking them from the branch in orchards where you can contribute to their production. With indoor-outdoor swimming pools and a health center, you will not need to move away from Koru to have a fit and healthy life. You will be able to take enjoyable walks at any time of the day on the walking paths intertwined with nature, you will be able to perform the activity you want next to your home thanks to the outdoor meditation areas, mini football and basketball courts, bicycle and jogging paths.
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Aydos Country
İstanbul, Sancaktepe
Project that includes 900 houses with forest and city panorama in an area of 50 decares comprise a sports field, fitness-wellness club and multi-purpose areas as well as ponds designed in different concepts, walking tracks and landscaping areas adorned with attractive plants.
Sinpas GYO

How many buildings are available in Istanbul?


96 off-plan buildings

321 ready buildings

Installment plans available with initial payments starting at 25%

Cost of studio apartmentsfrom $157K to $841K
Floor area of studio apartmentsfrom 28 m² to 169 m².
Cost of one-room apartmentsfrom $85K to $2M
Floor area of one-room apartmentsfrom 35 m² to 205 m².
Cost of two-room apartmentsfrom $104K to $5M
Floor area of two-room apartmentsfrom 52 m² to 522 m².
Cost of three-room apartmentsfrom $140K to $8M
Floor area of three-room apartmentsfrom 71 m² to 527 m².
Cost of four-room apartmentsfrom $103K to $23M
Floor area of four-room apartmentsfrom 104 m² to 1,275 m².

New buildings broken down by class in Istanbul:

New premium buildings334
Premium apartment costfrom $85K to $23M
New comfort class buildings74
Comfort class apartment costfrom $111K to $2M

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