Best Countries to Invest In Property

Top Picks for Investment Based on Rental Returns, Stability, and Security

What We Look At

The Housearch investment Index provides a deep insight into the opportunities and risks of investing in the property markets of 50 countries in the world. By ranking countries according to their scores in 4 criterions below we used data from authority and credible investment sources

Investment payback
Average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment divided by average monthly rent
Global peace index
International ranking of countries' peacefulness and involvement in conflicts
Property rights index
Global index measuring how well countries' laws protect private property rights
GDP Growth
The rate at which a country economy grows 2022
Investment indexCountryContinentInvestment payback, yearGDP growthPeace indexProperty rights index
1IrelandEurope1610,78 %1,3193
2CyprusEurope115,6 %1,983
3OmanAsia113 %1,79475
4QatarAsia144,3 %1,5271
5United Arab EmiratesAsia103,1 %1,9865
6MaltaEurope189,6 %1,6887
7Costa RicaNorth America156,94 %1,7366
8GeorgiaAsia1110,89 %2,0754
9ArmeniaAsia136,25 %1,9350
10BulgariaEurope219,96 %1,6475