Moving to Bodrum: The Cost of Living in Turkey’s Most Prestigious Resort

Moving to Bodrum: The Cost of Living in Turkey’s Most Prestigious Resort

Bodrum is a beautiful city on the Aegean coast, which is often referred to as the Turkish Riviera. It is popular with European pensioners who settle down here in retirement and tourists from the Middle East who come here for beach holidays. The population of Bodrum is 175,000 people, while prices are similar to those in Antalya and Istanbul. Read on to learn more about the cost of living in Bodrum. 


The housing prices in Muğla are skyrocketing and are some of the highest in the south of Turkey. This is largely due to the large number of expats who moved here in 2022, with prices going up even higher during high season. Accommodation prices in summer can increase by 300% or 400%.

Still, it is possible to find some affordable options if you avoid the less touristy locations. Bodrum boasts expensive restaurants, local cafes, and street food, and you can find accommodation for any budget.

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Renting Accommodation

The municipality of Bodrum covers the entire peninsula. It consists of the old town and small coastal towns. Yalıkavak and Türkbükü are rather expensive, while the Turgutreis and Ortakent areas are more affordable.

According to online housing websites, renting a one-bedroom flat in the centre of Bodrum costs between 12,000 and 13,000 TRY a month in low season ($450 to $480). Flats further from the city centre cost about 8,000 TRY ($300). Prices for bigger flats start at 19,000 TRY ($700) a month. You have to pay at least 1500 TRY ($60) for utilities (electricity, air conditioning, water supply, and rubbish collection). On the bright side, Bodrum is a city of low-rise buildings, so you can rent a flat or a house for almost the same price. However, these prices only apply in winter. By summer, the real estate prices soar and it is almost impossible to rent anything for less than 21,000 TRY ($800). Since Bodrum is a popular tourist destination, many property owners prefer to rent out their accommodation for a short period.

It is important to note that it is rather difficult to get an initial tourist residence permit in Bodrum. This is one of the obstacles you may encounter when you come here.

Purchasing a Property

Real estate in Muğla has never been cheap. Endeksa, an online resource that collects data on the Turkish real estate market, states that the average price for a square metre in Muğla was 47,400 TRY ($1735) in the summer of 2023. For comparison, a square metre in Istanbul costs 31,000 TRY ($1160), on average. Housing prices in Muğla increased by 114% between July 2022 and July 2023, mostly due to property investors.

Muğla attracts many wealthy tourists and there is a wide variety of villas for sale. Prices start at $150,000, while villas are usually sold for $230,000 on average. If you buy real estate with a cadastral value of over $400,000, you are eligible for Turkish citizenship. Bodrum is one of the best options to do this. You can learn more about current villa projects in Bodrum via Housearch.

Food and Entertainment

One dish or a lunch in a cheap restaurant in Bodrum will cost you about 290 TRY ($10), while a two-course meal in average restaurants can cost up to 1600 TRY ($60). A can of beer in the shops costs 50 TRY ($2), while a cocktail costs 160 TRY ($6) in city centre clubs. A cup of coffee costs 50 TRY (between $1.70 and $2).

Don’t forget about happy hours and other discounts in cafes and other entertainment facilities. Entrance tickets to a beach party or a party on a boat can be quite expensive.

You can buy food in big supermarkets or small shops in your neighbourhood. As a rule, a litre of milk is 25 TRY ($0.90), a dozen eggs are 50 TRY ($2), a kilo of local fruits and vegetables as well as a kilo of grain costs around 25 TRY ($1). You need 220 TRY ($8) to buy a kilo of local cheese and from 80 to 110 TRY ($3 to $4) for a kilo of chicken.

Clothes and Basic Entertainment

A pair of branded jeans costs 1200 TRY ($45) in Bodrum and light clothing from global chain-stores costs from 400 TRY ($15). If you are looking for shoes, the budget for simple formal shoes is around 820 TRY ($30) and 2700 TRY ($100) for branded running shoes. A tip: clothes and shoes from Turkish brands are much cheaper. You can buy these anywhere from shopping malls to small shops and street stalls.

A simple haircut costs 110 TRY ($4), a cinema ticket is about 50 TRY ($2), and a monthly subscription to a gym will cost you from 1000 to 1200 TRY ($37 to $45).


Public transport in Bodrum is quite affordable: a single bus ticket costs 10 TRY ($0.30 to $0.40) and a monthly pass is 300 TRY ($11). Taxis charge at least 40 TRY ($1.20) for a couple of kilometres. A litre of petrol costs around 40 TRY ($1.40). Prices for medium-sized cars range from $25,000 to $35,000.

Nurseries and Schools

If you want to send your child to a private nursery, be prepared to pay 5700 TRY ($210) per month. If your child is old enough for school, note that one year at an international primary school in Bodrum costs 160,000 TRY ($6000). These are the average figures. The real fees depend on the school's reputation, location, and education level.

Internet and Co-Working

Mobile service providers in Bodrum offer monthly plans for about 150 TRY ($5.50) for 10 GB of traffic. The price for a high-speed internet connection at home ranges from 130 to 245 TRY ($5 to $9) a month.

If you are a digital nomad who cannot work at home, look into co-working spaces. They cost between 95 and 204 TRY a day ($3.50 to $7.50) or 2700 TRY ($100) a month.

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In a Nutshell

Despite fairly reasonable prices for certain things, living in Bodrum is not cheap. A very popular tourist destination, living in Bodrum costs pretty much the same as in Istanbul, the country's biggest city. The average cost of living for an expat in Bodrum is over 15,000 TRY ($550) a month, excluding housing expenses. However, the city continues to attract foreigners with its pleasant climate, beaches, resort vibes, and its impeccable level of service.

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