How Much it Costs to Live in Alanya

How Much it Costs to Live in Alanya

Alanya is a charming Turkish resort city nestled along the Mediterranean Sea, just a two-hour drive from Antalya. Over the past decade, Alanya and its neighbouring areas have gained popularity among tourists and expatriates alike. Visitors are drawn to Alanya for its pleasant coastal climate, abundant family-friendly activities, and a relaxed pace of life, making it an appealing alternative to the bustling cities of Istanbul or Antalya. Additionally, Alanya offers a more affordable cost of living, a crucial consideration in Turkey's fluctuating economy. Read on to discover the living expenses in Alanya for 2023.

Prices in Alanya during the Recent Inflation

When examining real estate, commodities, and services costs in Alanya and various Turkish regions, it's essential to factor in Turkey's ongoing economic instability. Over the past three years, inflation rates have experienced a significant surge. In the past 12 months alone, consumer prices have surged by 48%, with hotel, cafe, and restaurant prices soaring by 82.5%. The cost of food has seen a 61% increase, while healthcare expenses have spiked by 76%.

At present, the inflation rate continues to rise, with prices increasing by 9.5% over the summer of 2023. In this article, you will find prices for living in Turkey that are relevant for early autumn, though it's important to note that they may undergo further changes.

Real Estate

Alanya and the surrounding areas are experiencing rapid development, with a growing number of offerings in the Turkish real estate market. You have the option to purchase a small apartment in a high-rise building, a luxurious penthouse, or even a villa. Naturally, all these properties are available for both sale and rent.

Purchasing Real Estate

Every month, new offers of affordable real estate in newly constructed buildings become available in Alanya, resulting in a constantly evolving list of options. Prices start at 1,580,000 TRY ($59,045), which is sufficient to purchase an unfurnished studio. Most of the new residential complexes in Alanya, even those on the lower end of the price scale, come equipped with their own amenities, including a parking area, a playground, a swimming pool, and 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Nonetheless, it is advisable to verify the available amenities before making a property purchase.

If you are in search of luxury real estate, Alanya also has enticing options. For instance, you can acquire a three-bedroom penthouse with four bathrooms, two terraces, and a stunning sea view for 21,750,000 TRY ($812,807). Premium properties are complemented by top-notch amenities within the residential complex, which may include saunas and restaurants.

In addition to penthouses, villas are also available for purchase in Alanya, although many of them may not be in close proximity to the sea (typically 500 metres or more away). A five-story villa boasting nine bedrooms, private parking, a cinema, and two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) is priced at 150 million TRY ($5,605,567).


There are limited rental properties available in Alanya, but you can still find several options to suit various preferences and budgets. On average, a one-bedroom flat with a kitchen rents for 12,000 TRY per month ($448), while a three-bedroom flat costs around 17,000 TRY per month ($635). It's worth noting that rental rates in Alanya tend to be higher from May to September due to its popularity as a tourist destination.

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Food prices in Alanya are on the rise, although they remain relatively lower than in larger Turkish cities. For example, a dozen eggs cost 39 TRY ($1.45), while one kilogram of apples is priced at 16 TRY ($0.60). You can find the prices for other goods in the table below.

Unlike in major cities, chain restaurants and cafes are not as prevalent in Alanya. Instead, you'll find mostly local and smaller establishments. The average price for a dish in an affordable cafe is around 120 TRY ($4.50), but it can be twice as much in tourist-popular areas.


Buses are the primary mode of public transport in Alanya. A single bus ticket costs 1.6 TRY ($0.43), while a monthly pass is priced at 130.4 TRY ($4.87). Taxi rides can be relatively more expensive compared to larger cities, mainly due to the tourist demand, with an average rate of 20 TRY ($0.75) per kilometre.

Communication and Mobile Services

Purchasing electronic gadgets in Turkey can be costly due to high taxes imposed on these devices. Items such as laptops, mobile phones, and other electronics may come at a significantly higher price compared to other countries.

Mobile services are another essential component of expats' expenses. If you arrive in Turkey with a phone from another country, you can use it with a local SIM card for only a few months. Afterward, the provider will suspend access to the mobile network and request payment for reactivation. Currently, this service costs 20,000 TRY ($750). It's one of the measures aimed at curbing the import of foreign electronic devices to circumvent Turkish taxes. Therefore, be prepared to cover the cost of unblocking your phone or consider purchasing a new one locally before your move to Alanya or anywhere in Turkey.

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Prices for Other Goods and Services

Below, you can find prices for items and services that haven't been mentioned in the article up to this point. These prices are converted to USD based on the prevailing exchange rate as of September 2023.

Item Price in TRY
Price in USD
A cup of cappuccino
53,19 TL
A can of soda (0.5 l)
22,36 TL
A pack of foreign cigarettes
35,5 TL
A combo lunch at a fast-food restaurant
132,5 TL
A pair of branded jeans
1167 TL
A litre of petrol
18 TL
A cinema ticket for one person
40 TL
High-speed home internet (1 month)
228,31 TL
A monthly membership at a gym
800 TL
One school year at an international primary school
97 500 TL
$3 644
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In a Nutshell

Considering a move to Alanya is a wise choice if you're looking to live in Turkey while keeping your expenses lower compared to larger cities. However, it's crucial to keep two factors in mind: the price surge during the tourist season and Turkey's ongoing inflation rate. At the moment, the cost of living in Alanya and its neighbouring areas remains more affordable than in Istanbul, Ankara, or Antalya, but this situation may evolve over time.

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