New Development Projects in Abu Dhabi

New Development Projects in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates does not even try to compete against its neighbour Dubai when it comes to skyscrapers and the sheer number of majestic buildings. Still, there are a lot of new residential projects in Abu Dhabi: apartment complexes, townhouses and luxury villas in various architectural styles. In this article, we will introduce you to some latest and upcoming projects in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi New Construction Market

The Abu Dhabi real estate market has several dozen developers. The largest and most well-known among them are Aldar Properties, Imkan, Reportage Properties, Baraka Real Estate Development, Mubadala, Bloom Properties, Manazel Real Estate, Wahat Al Zaweya, and others. Each of them has an impressive portfolio. Some of them specialise in small residential complexes, while others focus on large-scale projects in Abu Dhabi.

For example, two years ago, Aldar Properties built the Alghadeer elite residential complex in Abu Dhabi with a total area of three million square metres. This is a completely autonomous community, which, in addition to apartment complexes, townhouses and villas, includes a mosque, shopping centres, parks, an international school and a daycare centre. In total, the project has about 14,408 residential properties, including 11,785 flats, 449 villas and 2174 townhouses. All the houses are surrounded by landscaped gardens.

Development principles in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are somewhat different. In the capital of the UAEAbu Dhabi, developers prefer mid-rise residential complexes, two- and three-storey townhouses and villas, to skyscrapers. Some houses in the waterfront projects have their own beaches, marinas, and gardens. 

A remarkable thing is that in recent years, Abu Dhabi developers offer properties in residential complexes built using "green" technologies. This latest global trend for sustainability has also captured the Abu Dhabi real estate market.

New and Upcoming Projects in Abu Dhabi

Yas Golf Collection

Developer Aldar Properties
Completion date: Q1 2025

The Yas Golf Collection community of premium apartments is under construction on the Yas artificial island in Abu Dhabi. This is a resort-style village consisting of mid-rise residential complexes. The developer plans to build five clusters with 1060 residences. This complex consists of different types of real estate and offers both furnished and unfurnished properties. Some apartments, for example, have home offices. The first stage includes eight- and nine-storey buildings. These buildings will have studios and apartments with one to three bedrooms. The size of the apartments ranges from 42 to 277 square metres. Prices start at $203,861. 

Yas Golf Collection (Housearch)

There is a marina in the complex and lobby areas feature interior design, seating areas and art installations. All buildings are equipped with a "smart home" system. There is a concierge service available for residents. Located within the complex is a fitness centre, sports and playgrounds, podium pools overlooking the mangroves, a dozen shops, a landscaped park with a jogging track, yoga and pilates spaces, a coffee shop, table tennis and billiards areas, gardens, and a library. The Abu Dhabi Yas Links golf course is located next to the complex.

Fay Alreeman II

Developer Aldar Properties
Completion date: Q4 2026

Fay Alreeman IIan upcoming private luxury residential complex is under construction in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi. The first stage of the Alreeman project consisted entirely of selling plots of land, but the developer launched a villa project in the second quarter of 2022. Buyers can choose finished residences with three to six bedrooms ranging from 301 to 498 square metres. Each house will have a room for staff with a private bathroom, a driver's room, a garage, a terrace and a barbecue area. Prices for villas start at $789,652. Houses are available in two options: with light- or dark-coloured facades and interiors. Three-bedroom villas are Mediterranean style; four- to six-bedroom villas are Mediterranean and Arabic style.

Fay Alreeman II (Housearch)

The complex will feature a fitness centre, a park, a pool, sports and playgrounds, a public area with shops, and jogging and cycling tracks. There are prestigious health institutions of Abu Dhabi just a 5-minute drive from the complex, such as Dr Mustta and Sama Hospital Shamkha, as well as educational institutions Al Shamkha Nursery, Barney Home Nursery, Al Shamkha Nursery, Al Jeel Kindergarten, Bonat Al Ghad Kindergarten. Nearby, you can also find Al Shamkha Mall and Makani Al Shamkha Mall. It will take you 30 minutes to get to Al Jazira Academic, Mohammad Bin Al Qasim School and Al Jazira football academy. 

Al Jurf

Developer Imkan
Completion date: Q3 2024

Al Jurf is an elite residential complex with villas built on the coast of Sahel al-Emarat, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The project offers land plots up to 1579 square metres, as well as houses with two to seven bedrooms ranging from 185.1 to 826.8 square metres. The houses are fully finished. Each house has a terrace, and some even have private beaches and gardens. The prices range from $571,809 to $1,797,114.

Al Jurf (Housearch)

The complex will feature a park, a swimming pool and a sports ground. The neighbourhood has a marina, several medical clinics, and a boutique hotel, Al Samha School, Al Sameeh School and Al Reef Girls School for Basic Education. The Ghantoot Palace grocery store is located a 15-minute drive from the complex. A bit further, you will find Suncity, Sand Marco, and Grandmart.

Reeman Living

Developer Aldar Properties
Completion date: Q1 2026 

Reeman Living is a premium residential community using green building technologies in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi. The seven-storey houses will have studios, one- to three-bedroom flats with finishing and terraces. The property sizes range from 26 to 100 square metres. Prices range from $99,387 to $321,307. A fitness centre, sports grounds and playgrounds, and a retail store will open in the neighbourhood. The Al Forsan International Sports Resort Abu Dhabi and the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park are not far from the neighbourhood.

Reeman Living (Housearch)

The Sustainable City

Developer Aldar Properties
Completion date: Q4 2025

Sustainable City is an upcoming elite residential complex under construction on the Yas artificial island in Abu Dhabi. According to the developer, the project targets eco-conscious buyers, who prefer to live immersed in nature and care about conservation. Therefore, the entire development will be powered by clean renewable energy (for example, solar panels) and will be connected to highly efficient systems (including water supply). This will help reduce carbon emissions, water and energy consumption, and the amount of waste.

Sustainable City (Housearch)

The complex will consist of five residential clusters with a total of 500 villas. Real estate prices start at $242,614. Infrastructure includes a riding centre with stables and two arenas, a gym, several swimming pools, jogging and cycling tracks, football fields, and basketball courts. In addition, the community will feature a multifunctional plaza complex with shops, restaurants, cafes and offices. 

Perla 3

Developer Reportage Properties
Completion date: Q2 2027

The upcoming Perla 3 elite residential complex will be built on the waterfront in the western part of the artificial island of Yas in Abu Dhabi. The project features three-storey townhouses and a 13-storey apartment building. The complex has studios and flats with one to four bedrooms. Flats ranging from 57 to 244 square metres will have full finishing. Each flat has its own terrace. Housing prices in the complex range from $227,149 to $1,116,296. The community will also have a fitness centre, sports grounds and playgrounds, a swimming pool, and a barbecue area.

Perla 3 (Housearch)

In a Nutshell

New developments in Abu Dhabi are more suitable for people who seek a quiet life. Most of the projects feature low-rise buildings. Architects think through the concept in such a way as to integrate residential buildings into the environment as much as possible. That is why there are so many gardens and landscaped parks in the local residential neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi.

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