How to Deactivate DEWA Utility Services

How to Deactivate DEWA Utility Services

Anyone purchasing or leasing real estate in the UAE needs to interact with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). You should establish your connection and set up your utilities when moving in. However, if you're planning to go on vacation or embark on an extended business trip, you may want to deactivate these utility services temporarily to avoid accumulating debts. Read on to learn how to deactivate DEWA and prevent potential financial obligations in the future.

DEWA Services

DEWA is a state organisation and the sole provider of water and electricity services in Dubai. DEWA extends its services to a wide range of customers, including government entities, businesses, and individuals.

Upon moving into your newly purchased or rented apartment, it is essential to establish a DEWA account to activate utility services. If you plan to relocate or change residences, you have the option to either transfer or deactivate your DEWA account, either temporarily or permanently.

Over the past few years, DEWA has undergone digital transformation to enhance its customer-friendliness. Presently, many services can be conveniently accessed online. You can initiate processes such as connecting your new property to the DEWA system, paying utility bills, or filing complaints through their digital platform.

Deactivating DEWA Account

If you plan to relocate within Dubai or move to another city, it's essential to understand the process of deactivating DEWA services to prevent any potential financial consequences.

It is essential to deactivate the water and electricity supply whenever you leave Dubai or any other emirate. This can be accomplished in person at the nearest DEWA Customer Happiness Centre, through the DEWA website, or via DEWA's mobile app.

Choose the date and time for your move-out. DEWA will discontinue electricity and water services, recording the latest meter reading on the selected date. Subsequently, DEWA processes your deactivation request and sends the final bill to your email within 24 hours of the move-out date specified in your application. You can settle the bill, along with any associated fees, at your convenience.

Fees for Deactivating DEWA Services:

  • Small meters, 100 AED;
  • Large meters, 300 AED;
  • Knowledge fee, 10 AED;
  • Innovation fee, 10 AED.

Thukher and Sanad card holders are eligible for a 50% discount on DEWA disconnection fees. The next step is to request a refund of the security deposit, which is required when activating DEWA services. You can initiate DEWA deactivation online, with or without your login credentials.

DEWA Deactivation with User ID

If you have your DEWA User ID or UAE Pass, you can use them to enter the DEWA website, select "Deactivation of Electricity/Water", and follow the instructions.

  1. Enter the 10-digit DEWA or UAE Pass contract account number.
  2. Pay the outstanding bill with your debit or credit card.
  3. Enter your move-out date and a valid phone number so that a DEWA representative will be able to contact you, if necessary.
  4. Select your preferred method for receiving your DEWA deposit refund: via bank transfer or by cheque.
  5. Get an SMS with your move-out notification number.
  6. Wait until the water and electricity supply are deactivated on the specified day.

Photo: Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu (Unsplash)

DEWA Deactivation without User ID

If you do not have a DEWA account or cannot remember your login data, you can deactivate utility services in the following way.

  1. Visit DEWA website and click "Deactivation of Electricity/Water". Select "Apply Online (Without Login)."
  2. Enter your DEWA contract number and your phone number.
  3. Receive a one-time password via text message or email.
  4. Utilize it to access your account and follow the instructions provided in the previous section: make the payment, specify the move-out date, and indicate your preferred method for receiving the DEWA security deposit refund.

If you intend to move out, such as two weeks after submitting the deactivation application, you can settle the final bill at a later time. DEWA will send you the final bill within 24 hours of the date specified in the application.

The bill can be offset using your security deposit. Nonetheless, if the bill surpasses the deposit amount, DEWA will issue a new bill. In case the bill is lower than the security deposit, DEWA will refund the remaining amount either by cheque or through an online transfer.

Other Ways to Deactivate DEWA

If you have an account, you can also request deactivation through the DEWA App. The process is identical to deactivating services online.

You can also apply in person at the nearest Customer Happiness Centre, where our dedicated employees will guide you through the entire process.

You will have to provide the following data to the Customer Happiness Centre:

  • An account number,
  • Your Emirates ID,
  • Date of electricity and water disconnection,
  • A valid mobile number.

Our managers will process your application, provide you with a move-out notification number, and present you with various choices for receiving your security deposit refund.

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In a Nutshell

You have the option to deactivate DEWA utility services through your online account on the website, the DEWA app, or by visiting Customer Happiness Centres. It's crucial to remember to disconnect before leaving the UAE to avoid potential fines and the forfeiture of your security deposit.

Cover photo: Jud Mackrill (Unsplash)

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