Emaar Move In Permit – Your Final Step to a New Life in Dubai

Emaar Move In Permit – Your Final Step to a New Life in Dubai

You have found a new home in Dubai, all the paperwork is in order, and your things are ready for moving house. A new place to live is a great thing! But you need to keep two pieces of news in mind. Let us start with the bad one: some developers including one of the market’s leaders, Emaar Properties, demand another, the ultimate paper, a move in permit. The good news is this last step towards your move in is a piece of cake. Here is what you need to know about the move in and move out permit, why you need it, and where to get it.

Why Emaar is Famous

Emaar Properties is one of the biggest and most influential property developers in Dubai. It is probably best known for developing the Downtown district, the Dubai Opera building, the giant Dubai Mall, an artificial pond with a musical fountain, and the very famous Burj Khalifa which towers over them. Emaar Properties sells flats in the Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek Harbour districts. At present the company is developing skyscrapers on the Emaar Beachfront island. Emaar’s portfolio also includes a few residential complexes with townhouses and villas.

Why You Need the Move In and Move Out Permit 

The move in and move out permit has been mandatory since 2013. This is how the property developer explained the innovation: the permits not only help to control who lives where and on what grounds, but also prevents and helps to settle conflicts between tenants and landlords.

Owing to these permits, the property developer now has a database containing all the current contact information on tenants. The database also has information on the disabled who might need extra help in case of an emergency.

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Each time tenants move in and out of a property, Emaar employees must check public spaces and fix faults if they find any. In addition, before issuing a permit, the company makes sure that the owner of the flat or villa has no outstanding debts. Any such debts must be paid before new tenants can move into the property.

The Emaar Districts/Projects Where the Permit is Required 

Emaar Properties serves dozens of residential developments, skyscrapers, and hundreds of detached houses all over Dubai. You will need a permit to move into any of these properties. Check out the list of Emaar’s key developments:

Al Murad Tower
Dubai Creek Harbour
Emaar South
Arabian Ranches
Dubai Hills Estate
Emaar Towers
The Greens & Views
Arabian Ranches II
Dubai Marina
Emirates Living
The Hills
Downtown Dubai
Emaar Beach Front
Polo Homes
Umm Al Quwain Mistral

How do I Get a Move In Permit?

You do not need to go anywhere to get a move in or move out permit. You can obtain it online after completing a form on the dedicated website designed for anyone living (or planning to live) in buildings from Emaar Properties. The company also has a mobile app. You can get it on AppStore and Google Play.

To apply for the permit, you will need two documents:

  • your Emirates ID or passport with visa,
  • your EJARI registration number. EJARI is a system for the compulsory state online registration of long-term lease contracts. If you don’t have an EJARI number, you will not be able to rent a place in Dubai for a year.

It goes without saying that property owners do not need a contract number to access the website.

Things get easier afterwards: you simply pick a district from the list, then select the building, the number of the house and the flat where you plan to move and fill in the questionnaire. Make sure that you indicate the following:

  • the last five digits of the number of your tenancy agreement,
  • your mobile phone number (it should be the same as the one you used for your EJARI registration),
  • your full name,
  • your nationality,
  • the term of the lease,
  • your Emirates ID or the term of your visa,
  • e-mail,
  • the move in date,
  • the number of adult tenants and children,
  • if you are going to live with anyone who is disabled.

Then attach the scans of your documents and wait for confirmation that your request is being processed. If all the information is correct and your paperwork is in order, you will soon get your permit and will be able to start moving in.

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Note: If the owner of your prospective flat or villa has outstanding debts for the property, you will not receive the permit until the property owner has paid these debts.

Note (2): It takes at least one business day to process the request. So if you plan to move in on Sunday, you should notify the company on the previous Thursday at the very latest. Wednesday would be even better. Please note that traditionally, Friday and Saturday had been considered the weekend in the UAE. Early in 2022, they were changed to Saturday and Sunday.

Last, but not least: New tenants have to get a vehicle pass from the property owner and  register it on the Emaar website. This also takes one business day.

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In a Nutshell

Obtaining a permit looks like the last formality that you need to handle before you can move into your new flat or villa from Emaar Properties. If everything else is settled, this final step should not take long. Just notify the company of your intention and wait for confirmation. And then you can move in!

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