Dream House: the Most Expensive Penthouse in Dubai

Dream House: the Most Expensive Penthouse in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its spectacular skyline, luxury lifestyle and world records. Here you will find the tallest skyscraper and Ferris wheel and the largest flower garden in the world. A vast range of high-end real estate options attracts a lot of wealthy people to Dubai, in particular penthouses, as they accentuate the status of their owners. We will tell you here about the most expensive penthouse in Dubai and its appeal.

Description of the Penthouse

At present the costliest penthouse in Dubai is worth AED 180 million. Bought at the end of 2021, it remains the most expensive penthouse in Dubai, located on the famous island of Palm Jumeirah on the top floor of the luxury hotel Atlantis the Royal: Resort & Residences. 

With an area of 25,000 square feet (a little over 2,300 metres), the penthouse has five spacious bedrooms and six bathrooms and accounts for three floors of the building. In addition, it has a panoramic swimming pool, flower garden and outdoor terrace with a unique landscape design. It is the perfect spot for penthouse owners and their guests to enjoy spectacular views of the main local sights: the Palm Islands, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

Additional Perks 

In addition to the facilities in the penthouse, its owners have access to the amenities of the luxury hotel Atlantis the Royal: Resort & Residences, including:

  • haute cuisine restaurants 
  • outdoor cinemas and terraces 
  • lounge areas and barbecue sites 
  • spacious pools 
  • numerous spa centres 
  • recreational areas and sports grounds 

Hotel guests can also relax at a private beach where they will find everything that they need for surfing, diving, playing tennis and golf, as well as different forms of water transport. This represents only a small part of the conveniences open to the penthouse owners and the guests of Atlantis the Royal: Resort & Residences.

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In a Nutshell

As of today, the most expensive penthouse in Dubai is located on Palm Jumeirah and costs AED 180,000,000. The second most expensive property is a three-level penthouse costing AED 163,000,000. Located in the same building, this penthouse was sold not that long ago, in August 2022. The third most expensive penthouse in Dubai costs AED 102,000,000. It held the record for four years, but Dubai's property market is booming. Property developers continuously come up with more and more exciting projects, leading the wealthy to spend millions of dirhams on high-end properties.

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