Best Towers in Dubai Marina: the Tallest and Most Renowned Towers

Best Towers in Dubai Marina: the Tallest and Most Renowned Towers

In 2016 a sequel to the legendary sci-fi film Star Trek came out, which features several buildings in Dubai Marina. At the time the film's producer Jeffrey Chernov said about Dubai: “We came searching for the future and found it.”

In actual fact, the luxury skyscrapers and residential buildings in Dubai Marina give it a truly futuristic look. They started developing the district in 2003. Let us tell you about the most famous towers in Dubai Marina, their highlights and prices.

Marina 101

Marina 101 is an elite residential complex 425 metres tall, that is the tallest tower in Dubai Marina. The architectural project of the 101-storey building was designed by the National Engineering Bureau in 2006: 10 years later it was implemented by Turkish property developer TAV Construction. A postmodern tower, it features a 45-metre crown-like dome at the top, with the utility spaces inside. The total area of one of the highest Dubai Marina Towers covers 153,000 square metres.  

Photo: Norlando Pobre (flickr)

The first 33 floors house the Hard Rock Hotel with 324 first class suites. The panoramic windows overlook Jebel Ali beach, and the Hard Rock restaurant occupies the ground floor. There are 29 lifts in the building.

The residential area starts on the 34th floor, consisting of 516 comfortable flats and penthouses with views of the Persian Gulf coast. The smallest living area of properties here is 111 square metres. All the flats are equipped with bathrooms, a semi-open kitchen with built-in appliances, and large panoramic windows. The average price per square metre is AED 14,000 (USD 3,800). A one bedroom flat costs AED 1,500,000 (USD 408,300).

The minimum rent price in Marina 101 equals AED 78,000 (USD 21,200) a year. With this money, you can rent a spacious flat with two bathrooms, a ventilation system and heating.

In total, the tower has six restaurants, swimming pools, medical centres, saunas and a car park. The beaches of JBR and Marina Beach, Sobha metro station, and Marina Mall. are all within walking distance. All that makes Marina 101 one of the best best residential buildings in Dubai Marina.

Princess Tower

Princess Tower is the second tallest building in Dubai Marina. This is a residential complex 404 metres tall and covers a total area of 171,000 square metres. The architect of this project is Syed Majid Hashmi. The postmodern structure was built by the Arabian Construction Company. 

Photo: Fabio Achilli (Flickr)

The skyscraper was commissioned in 2009. In total, the tower has 101 storeys with 763 flats. According to official data, the construction cost of the Princess Tower equalled AED 2 billion (USD 545 million).

The prices of housing in the best building in Dubai Marina range significantly. A studio with a kitchen shared by several rooms can be rented for AED 65,000 (USD 17,700) per year. The price of a one bedroom flat over 65 square metres with its own kitchen and two bathrooms will cost AED 115,000 (USD 31,300).

A one bedroom flat over 80 square metres with one bathroom sells for AED 1,000,000 (USD 272,200). There are also more comfortable options — penthouses with a private balcony with four rooms over 295 square metres. The prices start at AED 5,600,000 (USD 1.5 million). The asking price for a two-level duplex over an area of 223 square metres with a view of Palm Jumeirah Island comes to AED 3,950,000 (USD 1  million).

Dubai Torch Tower

Dubai Torch Tower is the third highest building in Dubai Marina. Dubai Torch Tower got its name for the top of the building shaped like a flame. Locals believe that it would be a good idea to change the name — the 86-storey building over 336 metres has already caught fire twice.  

Photo: Lutz (Pixabay)

Khatib & Alami Dubai designed the building of another Dubai Marina Towers. Initially it was built by Al Rashideen Trading Company, but for reasons unknown, the project was transferred to Select Group, which started the construction work in 2005. Six years later, the building was commissioned. Covering an area of 139,355 square metres, the cost of construction reached AED 432,000,000 (USD 117.6 million).

In 2015 a fire broke out, allegedly on the 52nd floor, as a grill was left there unattended. They managed to extinguish the fire, but all the upper floors were damaged due to high winds. In 2017, another fire broke out for unknown reasons. It was bigger, but the exact scale of the incident has yet to be disclosed.

The building consists of 504 flats with one to three bedrooms. The fifth and sixth floors are home to a gym, steam bath, sauna and a spa centre, while the ground floor is assigned for underground parking for 536 cars. So, Dubai Torch Tower can be named one of the best residential towers in Dubai. 

Despite the fires, demand for real estate in Dubai Torch Tower is stable. Prices for two room flats here start at AED 1,250,000 (USD 340,300). It costs AED 85,000 (USD 23,100) per year to rent a studio over 75 square metres. Three bedroom flats with a balcony and a view of Business Bay can cost AED 340,000 (USD 92,500) per year.

Cayan Tower

The next one of the residential towers in Dubai Marina is Cayan Tower. Cayan Tower is a 75-storey skyscraper that is 306 metres tall and better known as Infinity Tower for its twisting architectural form. It was designed by the British firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in 2006. The twisting design of Cayan Tower was achieved by rotating each floor 12 degrees around a cylindrical lift and service core. 

Photo: SOM

In 2007  one of the major construction companies in the UAE, Cayan Real Estate Investment and Development, a subsidiary of Arabtec Holding PJSC, took over the project. The same year construction was put on hold until 2008 due to the spill of the Dubai Marina Canal which flooded the foundation of the tower. 

In June 2013 Cayan Tower was commissioned and became the world's tallest high-rise building with a twist of 90 degrees. The 562-metre-tall Shanghai Tower broke this record only two years later. It cost investors AED 1 billion (USD 272 million) to build Cayan Tower

In total there are 495 flats in the skyscraper, ranging from studios to spacious four room flats. A concierge and security agency work 24/7 to guarantee the security of the building. Swimming pools, a sauna, a gym, boutiques and shops are also available to the residents. So, we can conclude Cayan Tower is one of the best buildings to live safely and comfortably in Dubai Marina.

In total 80% of the flats were sold long before the completion of the construction. So the minimum price of flats here in 2023 equals at least AED 2,110,000 (USD 574,000). This buys you a two bedroom flat over an area of 131 square metres. It will cost AED 89,000 (USD 24,200) a year to rent a studio in this tower if furnished, and about AED 80,000 (USD 21,800) if unfurnished.

In a Nutshell

The UAE is a global leader in terms of the liquidity of real estate investments. This is true for both completed projects as well as projects still under construction. According to the Dubai Land Department, the Dubai Marina district is among the top three in terms of the total number of property sales in the Emirate, accounting for 12% of the total. According to expert estimates, demand here will not fall — thanks to its successful geographical location, people will always want to live in the centre of Dubai and on the shores of the Persian Gulf. So, if you want too, this article provides information about the best buildings in Dubai Marina and its features.

Cover photo: Michael Zöllner (Pixabay)

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