Best Real Estate in Dubai's Jumeirah Village Circle

Best Real Estate in Dubai's Jumeirah Village Circle

Dubai is a big, hectic, bustling and wealthy metropolis. You will find here a number of high-end areas. However, you can also find less expensive, tranquil and comfortable neighbourhoods close to the city centre. Jumeirah Village Circle, or JVC as it is often called, is one such area. Read this article to find out more about the best buildings in JVC.


Nakheel Properties, one of Dubai's leading real estate developers, developed the master plan for Jumeirah Village Circle over an area of almost 900 hectares. The project was launched in 2005 soon after the adoption of new legislation on freehold zones, while construction started in 2006. The JVC project was developed to provide more affordable housing in Dubai at a time when this issue was becoming increasingly relevant as more and more expats were settling in the city.

The 2008 global financial crisis slowed the construction for several years. As a result, the “backbone” of the district (the first phase of 615 villas and 400 townhouses) was completed by 2013. By 2016 Nakheel had already commissioned over 700 villas. Another 300 properties have either been completed or are still being built by third party contractors, while  almost 200 buildings are at the design stage. Approximately 25,000 people lived in JVC at the time. It was forecast that the population would increase to 300,000 in the future.

Over the past few years JVC has become one of the most popular residential districts in the city. It is still experiencing brisk growth. However, now you will find in addition to Nakheel projects being implemented by Dubai Properties and Ellington Properties.

JVC is located in the centre of the so-called "New Dubai'' and has good transport links. The Sheikh Zayed motorway, the city's main highway, will bring you to the district in no time. You will find nearby other important transport arteries, such as Emirates Road, Hessa Street and Al Khail Road. Thanks to these links, you can reach Dubai International Airport by car from JSV in less than 40 minutes. It takes only 20 minutes to drive to the Dubai Mall, as well as Dubai Marina, Downtown or Palm Jumeirah, while the Mall of the Emirates is only a 15-minute drive away. Today, JVC residents can also visit other parts of the city by bus, even though the lack of public transport used to be a major issue for the area.


Many business centres are also close to JVC: Al Barsha South, Arjan-Dubailand, Motor City, Dubai Sports City and Dubai Production City. Amenities near to JVC include Dubai Sports City, the golf club Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai Miracle and Butterfly gardens and the adjacent residential district Jumeirah Village Triangle.

Jumeirah Golf Estates. Photo:

JVC caters primarily to families. It is a very green area with over 30 landscape parks covering a total area of over 370,000 square metres. There are also many playgrounds, race  tracks and bicycle lanes. In addition, residents have access to a variety of social amenities. There are several schools within walking distance, including such well-known educational institutions as JSS International School, UEG School, Sunmarke School and GEMS World Academy. The availability of a number of advanced medical centres in JVC is another major advantage for families, ranging from general healthcare centres like Prime, Apex, Medcare and HMC to the multi-disciplinary clinic Aster and the Drs. Nicolas & Asp dental clinic.

A key magnet for shopaholics is the Circle Mall with a total area of 50,000 square metres. Moreover, you will find a lot of supermarkets, cafes, bars, restaurants and beauty parlours in the district. The 60-storey luxury FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel, shaped like a round tower, is situated right in the centre of JVC.

However, one of the disadvantages of living in Jumeirah Village Circle is the constant  construction work so that it may be fairly noisy and dusty. You also need to bear in mind that this district is situated in a lively part of the city. So the roads are often congested, especially during the rush hour.

Housing and Prices

JVC is a classic example of a radial community, with streets branching off the main square in the centre, dividing the district into six clusters. Parks, canals and infrastructure link the residential quarters. There are over 580 buildings and construction sites in Jumeirah Village Circle, with the construction of 320 buildings already completed, another 230 at different stages of construction and over 20 at the planning stage.

The district offers different housing types, including villas, townhouses and flats in total, over 2,000 housing units. All of them are suitable for people with different incomes. Property prices vary from reasonable to particularly high. Moreover, to a large extent the area became popular thanks specifically to competitive prices.

According to Dubai Real Estate Market Overview, in March 2023, the average cost of a flat in JVC equalled AED 660,000 (USD 180,000). A villa here would cost you about AED 2.2 million (USD 599,000). By way of comparison, the same types of properties in Dubai Hills Estate cost AED 1.5 million and AED 3.4 million respectively (USD 408,000 and USD 926,000). The price of a flat in MBR City equals AED 1.3 million and a villa AED 18 million AED (USD 354,000 and USD 4.9 million, respectively).

Keturah Reserve (Housearch) 

New housing in JVC are priced as follows:

  • Studios start at AED 111,000 (USD 30,000). The average price is AED 435,600 (USD 119,000).
  • One-bedroom flats start at AED 306,000 (USD 83,000). The average price is AED 679,000 (USD 185,000).
  • Two-bedroom flats start at AED 450,000 (USD 123,000). The average price is AED 955,000 (USD 260,000).
  • Three-bedroom flats start at AED 1.1 million (USD 286,000). The average price is AED 1.6 million (USD 436,000).
  • Villas or two-bedroom townhouses start at AED 1.4 million (USD 381,000). The average price is AED 2.1 million (USD 572,000).

Jumeirah Village Circle is also a popular area among investors. There has been steady growth in property prices for several years and it is anticipated that demand for housing will only increase in coming years.

According to Property Monitor Index, as of summer 2022 JVC was the most popular district of Dubai with the best rental income. Experts estimated the average annual rental income at 7.5%.

Best Residential Properties for Sale

A number of flats are available for sale from projects at different levels of completion. The following deserve a mention.

Belgravia II

Belgravia II has studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom flats for sale as well as two-storey townhouses with two bedrooms and a private garden. This complex has been completed, the properties are being sold with a turnkey finish Belgravia II is a guarded complex of three 5-storey buildings. It includes a gym, swimming pool, spa, playground and sports amenities.

Belgravia II (Housearch)

The price of a 47-square-metre studio starts at USD 142,000, a 74-square-metre one-bedroom flat starts at USD 197,000, while three-bedroom options start at USD 474,000. Prices for two-bedroom flats range from USD 300,000 to USD 436,000.

The Sloane

The Sloane is a high-end 13-storey residential building, which is finished with white wood. The complex has 141 units in total, including studios and 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom flats from 39 to 118 square metres. All of them come with a design interior.

The Sloane (Housearch)

The Sloane has a gym, a swimming pool, a sauna, a recreational open-air area with a cinema and a barbecue site. It also has a bicycle parking area and a dog park with a paw-washing station.

The developer expects to complete it by mid-2023. Property prices here range from USD 117,000 to USD 354,000.

Hamilton House

Hamilton House is a 6-storey residential complex scheduled for completion by late 2024-early 2025, with 101 units: studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom flats from 36 to 121 square metres. The building with panoramic windows and walk-out balconies with transparent partitions will be executed in a modern design, with white, grey and copper-coloured facades.

Hamilton House (Housearch)

All the flats are fully finished and have built-in furniture, a ready-made kitchen with appliances, and a small laundry room. Each flat comes with a balcony or a terrace. The residents of the elite flats will have access to a fitness centre, a pool with a recreational area, a playground, a barbecue area and charging zone for electric vehicles and enjoy concierge service. Palm trees and other plants will decorate the courtyard.

Studios in Hamilton House cost around USD 205,000, while one-bedroom flats cost about USD 424,000.

Oakley Square Residences

The 5-storey Oakley Square Residences boasts 269 studios and flats with one or two bedrooms. The floor area varies from 39 to 141 square metres, while prices start at USD 158,000. All the properties come in ready-made designs, while white or coffee-coloured shades and natural wood prevail in the interior.

The Oakley Square Residences offer two gyms, a pool and a recreational area in a closed courtyard. Other amenities include a tennis court, a cinema, a playground, a barbecue site and a bicycle parking. The guarded car park is big enough to offer one parking space per flat and provides charging stations for electric vehicles.

The entire complex is scheduled for commissioning in the second quarter of 2024.

The Portman

The Portman is a 16-storey residential complex with 173 units from 38 to 102 square metres. It is scheduled for commissioning in the first quarter of 2025. The layout stipulates  studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom flats. All the flats will be furnished and come with a ready-made design, including a kitchen set and appliances as well as bathroom equipment. Each flat will have a balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Portman (Housearch) 

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