Best Gated Communities in Dubai

Best Gated Communities in Dubai

Dubai is repeatedly ranked among the safest cities in the world, listed as the sixth safest out of 255 cities by the Numbeo analytical portal in the Safety Index by City 2022. 

Popular gated communities represent a key component in the emirate's safe lifestyle - areas with private grounds closed to the public and guarded round the clock. Developers regularly offer such residential complexes and even entire districts on the market. They consist primarily of villas and townhouses and feature plenty of sports, educational and entertainment facilities. Here we will tell you about the best gated communities in Dubai.

Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is a premium gated community in Dubai primarily designed and built by Emaar Properties. Covering 350 hectares of land, on the south side it is bordered by a chain of artificial lakes, while another 20 reservoirs surrounded by parks are dispersed evenly over the territory. East of Emirates Hills is the Jebel Ali Racecourse, while its other neighbours are the Springs, Meadows and Deema premium communities.

The western part of the community is home to a golf course and Address Montgomerie Club, while three kilometres north you will find the Emirates Golf Club, which hosts international golf tournaments.

Emirates Hills (Housearch)

Emirates Hills has its own elementary school, the Dubai International Academy. Several more schools can be found in neighbouring areas. In Springs, a 10-minute walk from Emirates Hills, you will find a multidisciplinary clinic, Al Das Medical. You will find next door the Spring Souk shopping centre, while one of the largest shopping centres of the emirate, the Dubai Marina Mall, also located nearby - a 10-minute drive from there. 

Almost all the Emirates Hills communities have their own amenities. For example, Emirates Hills Villas developed by Ellington already features a park, swimming pool, a sports ground,  spa centre, fitness centre and a cinema. More facilities are scheduled to open there soon.

Property Prices

The minimum price of real estate here is AED 8 million (USD 2,178,000). This amount will enable you to buy a partially furnished two-storey villa over an area of 280 square metres, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a maid’s room. 

The most expensive villa here costs AED 349 million (over USD 95 million). It has four floors with a total area of 3,874 square metres, 10 fully furnished bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It also has a pavilion connected to the terrace by a suspended glass bridge. All the equipment in the house runs exclusively on solar energy.

The land for sale varies in area, from 0.22 to 0.85 hectares, and 

in price, from AED 51,500,000 to AED 169,300,000 (USD 14,024,000 – USD 46,102,000). 

Properties in this quiet and protected area attract primarily wealthy families with children, as well as celebrities who are looking for privacy. The owners of  villas in Emirates Hills include actress Lindsay Lohan, football players David Beckham and Lionel Messi.

Dubai Hills

The Dubai Hills premium estate is located in one of the largest districts of the Emirate named after the current ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum (abbreviated to MBR City). It is namely with this high-class gated community that Emaar Properties began building a “city within a city”, featuring residential buildings of different heights, as well as parks, various amenities, an area assigned for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, the largest swimming pool on the planet and even its own monorail. MBR City covers an area of 108 square kilometres. This project is under the personal patronage of the Emir. 

Sobha One (Housearch)

Dubai Hills is slightly smaller in area than Emirates Hills. It covers about 300 hectares and is made up of villas and duplexes (houses for two families) and an 18-hole golf course over an area of 120 hectares. It is the only golf course in Dubai shaped like a ribbon with residential properties built on both sides. 

The community has its own Géant Express supermarket, while the large Dubai Hills Mall is within walking distance. There are two schools — GEMs Wellington Academy, which teaches the British curriculum, and the Indian GEMs New Millennium School. They are located in close proximity to each other and within walking distance of the entrance to Dubai Hills. It takes only two-three minutes to drive to King’s College Hospital, a large multidisciplinary medical centre and hospital, while you will find nearby a landscaped park with playgrounds and sports fields. 

Property Prices

The cheapest villas here cost AED 12,500,000 (USD 3,404,000). These properties are still under construction and are scheduled for commissioning in Q4 2024. They cover an area of 660 square metres, have five bedrooms, four and a roof terrace. 

The most expensive villa is on offer for AED 200 million (USD 54,462,000), buying you a property over an area of 3,307 square metres with six  bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a spacious upper terrace. It features an outdoor swimming pool, several diverse living rooms (including a home cinema), an indoor swimming pool and spa area, a home gym and a tasting room with wine coolers. 

Newly built duplexes with finishing from the developer and built-in kitchens and wardrobes, each over an area of about 270 square metres, are available on the market for AED 5,100,000 to AED 7,000,000 (USD 1,389,000 to USD 1,906,000), depending on the location. The most expensive properties look out onto the golf course, and the cheapest overlook the camel trail. The lower-priced duplexes usually have three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a maid's room, and two covered parking spaces.

DAMAC Hills 

This is a gated community in the Dubai Land district, spanning over 390 hectares. Located at a distance from both the busy downtown area and the coast, it is ranked among the greenest developments in Dubai. The total park area of DAMAC Hills covers 37 hectares and also has gardens and lakes equipped for recreation and fishing. The community is also home to the Trump International Golf Club with two golf courses for 18 and 9 holes. Both courses were designed by the famous golfer Tiger Woods. 

The developer made sure that all residents can access a range of high-quality services without having to step outside the gates. DAMAC Hills has several kindergartens, the Jebel Ali school teaching the British curriculum, a football academy for children and adults, the Saudi German Clinics multidisciplinary medical centre for children and adults with an intensive care unit, a large Ventura Mall, and community pools. 

Unlike the two previous communities, DAMAC Hills features not only villas and townhouses, but also multi-storey residential buildings and hotels, including the four-star Radisson Dubai

Property Prices

The most affordable villa in DAMAC Hills costs AED 1,900,000 (USD 517,000). It has an area of 178 square metres, four bedrooms and four bathrooms, covered and open terraces, a garage and landscaped garden. Still under construction, the villa is scheduled for completion in 2023. 

The most expensive villa costs AED 37,242,000 (USD 10,141,000). It has an area of 2,281 square metres, six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. All rooms are furnished and equipped with household appliances. In addition, the villa has indoor and outdoor pools (including a waterfall), a garden,  gym, steam room and sauna, a cigar salon, game room, home cinema and maid's rooms. 

The cheapest townhouse with an area of 195 square metres, located next to the park and featuring three bedrooms and four bathrooms, costs AED 3,200,000 (USD 871,000). This townhouse and neighbouring properties are still under construction and are scheduled for completion in mid-2025.

The most expensive townhouse has an area of 380 square metres, six bedrooms and six bathrooms, a game room, laundry room and spacious roof terrace. This is also a project under construction and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2024. The property is on offer for AED 5,700,000 (USD 1,552,000).

The cheapest flat here is a fully furnished studio of 46 square metres in the Artezia residential complex. It is located near the entrance to DAMAC Hills and Radisson Dubai Hotel. Some of the flats here are let by Radisson Blu. This property costs AED 380,000 (USD 103,000).

The most expensive flats are found in the luxury 12-storey Cavalli Couture, a complex of gated community flats in Dubai, which is scheduled for completion in mid-2025. The flats cover an area of 813 square metres, have five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a spacious terrace and a private pool. They cost AED 33,000,000 (USD 8,986,000).

Arabian Ranches

The Arabian Ranches Gated Community Dubai consists of three residential neighbourhoods located in the Dubai Land district close to each other. Two of them, Arabian Ranches I and Arabian Ranches II, separated by Al Nahyan Street, have already been built and occupy a total area of 800 hectares. Arabian Ranches III, covering an area of 306 hectares of land, is now under construction and is scheduled for completion in 2025. 

Arabian Ranches I and Arabian Ranches II have golf courses and a golf club, several small lakes, residential properties (villas and townhouses), as well as shopping, educational, sports and entertainment facilities.

There are several schools here, including Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) and GEMS Metropole School that teach the British curriculum, and Fairgreen International School that teaches the American curriculum. There are also kindergartens and a Ranches Primary School for children from first to sixth forms. 

Two medical clinics accept children and adults here. Aster Clinic has a GP, paediatrician and dentist, while Mediclinic offers a wider range of specialists. There is also a Star veterinary clinic for pets. 

The Arabian Ranches Golf Club has two 9-hole courses, hosts events and provides facilities for corporate meetings and seminars, and offers hotel rooms for the convenience of players from other communities and cities. The community also has 19 basketball and 15 tennis courts. In the immediate vicinity of Arabian Ranches you will find a large equestrian centre Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club with equestrian polo fields. It often hosts competitions and even international tournaments. 

There are also several shopping centres in the community, including a Carrefour supermarket. You will find shopping centres in neighbouring Al Barsha and Motor City. 

We should also mention here the Sustainable City complex which is part of Arabian Ranches II. A project with an eco-friendly infrastructure, it aims to reduce waste and achieve sustainable consumption. As well as residential buildings, it has a farm supplying local shops with vegetables, fruits and berries grown in greenhouses with temperature-controlled bio-domes. There is a special parking area. Moreover, parking near residential buildings is prohibited. 

The Sustainable Plaza is the centrepiece of the project. Consisting of a complex of buildings and courtyards, you can find shops, restaurants, fitness studios, spas, indoor playgrounds, the Creakids early development and training studio, a music centre with concert venue, and Beitfann art space for everyone interested in fine arts and crafts.

Property Prices 

The minimum price of real estate in Arabian Ranches is AED 1.7 million (USD 463,000). With this money can buy you a townhouse under construction over an area of 232 square metres with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a maid’s room. The construction of the property is scheduled for the end of 2023. According to the payment plan, you pay 10% when signing the contract, 40% prior to the acquisition of title, and the remaining 50% over the next two years.

The most expensive townhouse in Arabian Ranches costs AED 5,000,000 (USD 1,362,000). It covers an area of 273 square metres, has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a maid’s room, and a spacious terrace on the territory with a view of the lake. 

The most affordable villa here, over an area of 180 square metres is currently under construction. It has three bedrooms, four bathrooms and indoor parking, and will be finished soon. The price is AED 2,000,000 (USD 545,000).

The most expensive villa costs an estimated AED 50,000,000 (USD 13,615,000) and covers an area of 1,551 square metres. It has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. All the rooms are fully furnished with Italian furniture and equipped with premium brand appliances, as well as home automation systems. There is a library, a cinema, a workshop with a private terrace, a spacious dressing room and a maid’s room. Outside, you will find an infinity pool, a large garden with a barbecue area, a pavilion with panoramic windows, pool and gym, a fully-furnished bar and room for entertaining guests.

Jumeirah Golf Estates

This community, spanning over about 400 hectares, is famous both in Dubai and around the world. The two golf courses here, Fire Course and Earth Course, were designed by the legendary Australian golfer Greg Norman. They regularly host world-class championships. In November 2022 the Earth Course was the venue for the final of the annual DP World Tour Championship with a prize fund of USD 10,000,000. In autumn 2023, the Fire Course is set to host the World Amateur Team Championship. 

Aura (Housearch)

Jumeirah Golf Estates is the only community in Dubai where the landscaping area exceeds the construction area. It also boasts more than 60 large and small artificial lakes, including some with islands that have golf too. 

As for the infrastructure, it is modest here. There are no schools or kindergartens. Parents have to drive their children to the neighbouring Dubai Sports City and Dubai Production City, or even further, to Springs and Jumeirah Park. However, we are talking about driving for only 3-4 km. On the other hand, JGE is home to the Tommy Fleetwood Golf Academy and the HUNA Aquatics Swimming School. Both offer lessons and training sessions for children and adults. 

To enjoy shopping here, you can go to two community centres, Lime Tree Valley and Orange Lake, a Choithrams store, a grocery supermarket, and a small shopping centre called Spinneys. The closest large shopping centres are 6-7 km away. 

As for healthcare, there is a multidisciplinary Medhills Medical Centre. Its patients can see a family GP, paediatrician, dentist, dermatologist, and even doctors specialised in aesthetic medicine, including laser treatment.

Residential real estate in JGE consists of villas and townhouses, as well as flats. The latter are found in residential buildings of the Al Andalus quarter. It is designed in the neo-Moorish style, which is common in Spain, especially in Andalusia.

Property Prices 

The minimum cost of real estate in Jumeirah Golf Estates is AED 650,000 (USD 177,000). With this amount you can buy move-in ready flats in Al Andalus over an area of 72 square metres, with one bedroom and two bathrooms, installed kitchen furniture and built-in wardrobes. 

The most expensive flat here is on sale for AED 3.5 million (USD 953,000). With an area of 308 square metres, it has four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a maid’s room, as well as a spacious terrace. The flat is fully furnished and equipped with household appliances. The windows and the terrace offer a panoramic view of the community. 

The most affordable townhouse is on sale for AED 2.2 million (USD 599,000). With an area of 134 square metres, it has two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a maid’s room, all fully furnished. 

The most expensive townhouse costs an estimated AED 6.1 million (USD1,662,000). Covering an area of 316 square metres, it has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. All rooms have panoramic windows overlooking the golf course. 

The cheapest villa here can be bought for AED 3,900,000 AED (USD 1,062,000). It is located in a project currently under construction, which is scheduled for completion by mid-2025. Over an area of 294 square metres, it has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a maid’s  room. 

The priciest villa in JGE costs AED 46,000,000 (USD 12,526,000). Covering an area of 1,672 square metres, the villa has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a swimming pool, a patio with garden, a home cinema and a gym. It also has indoor parking for two cars. The windows overlook the golf course.

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In a Nutshell

Most of Dubai's best gated communities are golf-related and have their own golf courses. Arabian Ranches and DAMAC Hills have the most amenities, while Jumeirah Golf Estates and Emirates Hills ensure the most peaceful lifestyle. Two communities on the list, DAMAC Hills and Jumeirah Golf Estates, feature residential buildings, offering anyone with a smaller budget an opportunity to buy real estate. However, Dubai Hills continues to expand, and mid-rise residential units have already appeared nearby. So, over time, this MBR area may also become a gated community.

Cover photo: Raimond Klavins (Unsplash)

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